Letter : San Francisco, March 19, 1878 by Juan M. Luco

Juan M. Luco was an attorney skilled in land litigation, active in northern California land grant cases, as well as land deals in San Diego.

The letter to Dr Eli Harper of San Diego, concerns Luco’s interest in the Cuyamaca claim, which he was attempting to enlarge in order to encompass the Julian gold mines. Luco requests that Dr. Harper send him details of a recent tax court decision “so that I may appeal.” He further asks Dr. Harper for the opinion of Judge Luce. He also refers to an expedition to Cerros (i.e. Cedros) Island, off the coast of Baja California, and about other legal matters, as well as the shipwreck in which he and the sons of Dr. Harper were involved along the Baja coast. Eli Harper was a doctor who purchased land and settled in Cuyamaca, San Diego County, in the 1870s. Letter is accompanied by original stamped envelope with Harper’s holograph notation: “Ans. Mar 23d 1878.”

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